Tralain is a singer/songwriter who has performed all over the IE. From big seven piece corporate bands to solo acts with her guitar and vocals, she has been rocking the southern california circuit for over 10 years. Also an experienced studio singer, Tralain has worked with various well known acts and producers such as Carl Stevenson from Forest for The Trees and James Valentine. You can check out her music on Myspace under "Tralain" currently recording her latest EP stay tuned for the release date for 2017.

Performing live in the Temecula/Murrieta area!! Original Music and quality Covers! Solo Gigs, Duo Gigs and performing with her Tralain Band... Always amazing!
Soulful, Intense and Imaginative are only a few ways to discribe Tralain's undeniable talent and presense. Her ability to engage an audience and take them on an emotional journey is unrivled.
I have been singing for as far back as I can remember. As  a small child at around age 3 I recall first being mesmorized with melodies and then singing along in my room to my favorite vocalists.  I begged my parents  for a radio, and I remember that my very first radio  was bright red :)  and I loved it.  I did not attend preschool and so I had a wild immagination and I absolutley adored Tina Turner.  I recognized her voice first and then realized what her name was and then that was it! The group Heart, Chakah Kahn and Whitney Houston were all among my fovorites as well.  It would be a very long time before I would actually sing in a public setting, that happened in the later years of elementry school.  I was terribly shy but somehow getting on a stage and letting the music flow out of me was not at all scary, it felt like freedom and I couldnt get enough of that feeling .